As Seen on Fox 2 St Louis!!! (KTVI) Time is always going along at Father Time Clocks in Festus. Margie Ellisor stopped by the shop where you'll never lose track of time.


Father Time Clock Shop & Antiques 123 E Main Street Festus Mo. 636-937-2766

has been doing antique clock repair of all types for over 30 years. Serving St Louis Mo, Jefferson County Mo, Arnold Mo, South County Mo, Festus Mo, Crystal City Mo and all places in between . Clock Types. All Vintage clock repair,  Antique wall, mantel, grandfather, anniversary, cuckoo clocks, westminster chime, electric clocks (some antique clock electric clock rotors/coils/motors are getting harder to find if needed). We also have an extensive inventory of antique parts, cases and antique clock case hardware to aid us in the restoration of your antique clock. Give us a call at 1-636-937-2766 with any questions about our clock repair services.

All repairs are done by us in our shop by us. Do you really know who is fixing your clock? Make sure you ask. And please.....please if you're told you need a new movement please call us before you let that happen. I have been hearing more stories of shops just wanting to replace the movement. This  is done by people that don't want to repair your clock or don't know how. Sure its a easy way to turn a profit but that doesn't make it right.

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To Mike:
"Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding attention that you gave to us on the recent servicing of our Howard Miller clock works.
At first it seemed like a difficult undertaking, sending the works from Florida to Missouri, but you accomplished the service in first class order and in a timely fashion.
You are truly a professional and the top of your trade."

Again thanks,

"Just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know how much I appreciate the EXCELLENT work you did on my Sessions Mantel clock. The clock has been re-situated in my living room where I can hear it tick and chime. What a beautiful sound in the early morning hours.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The short drive to Festus was well worth it! If I or anyone I know needs clock repair, they will sure get a referral to you."

A. B. 

"Thank you know that the information you provide me about my clock. It even manager to stump the local clock repairman in **  ****** Mo. Thank you so much for taking the time to research it for me."



Feels so good when we start receiving holiday cards from satisfied customers. Guess good repair shops are getting hard to find. Being so close to St Louis I guess there not to happy with the service they are getting. While on a grandfather call the lady told me she called a place in South County and they told her it would be $600 to service her clock site unseen. Told her they would replace the movement. Guess if you don’t know how to fix clocks that’s the way to go. It does bother me that there are people that believe it. Please call us and even if you don’t have us fix it at least you’ll know what your dealing with. Hope everybody has a great holiday season!


Free Estimates, Free 90 day layaway with 10% down. We'll be more then happy to date your antique clock and tell you the current fair market value for you Free of charge!  Even if you decide to not have it repaired!

WE BUY CLOCKS, whole or pieces and parts!

State of the art security system!




Click here for a good article on Dad (Father Time) that the Suburban Journals did back in 2007.

We are a second generation veteran / family owned business that has been at the same location for over 30 years. Our repairs on will average will be 20 to 30% lower then what you pay in the city.

So come see us at 123 E Main Street Festus MO, 63028

Please call us during our regular business hours to schedule a clock drop off or pick up outside of our regular hours.

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We also have a large selection of glassware, nick knacks and other unique items. Inventory always changing!